Studio Omame is a web design and development partnership run by Izumi Hiroshima and George Baptista.

Izumi Hiroshima Izumi Hiroshima: Illustrator / Meteorologist

Rather than a long bio, here is a nice anecdote about Izumi by Sir Paul Smith and Hans-Ulrich Obrist:

I was wondering if you could tell me a little bit more about your laboratory, the room that we are in today. It's more than just an office...

It's my room. My Playroom. In fact, it has become - without me realising - quite a well-known room around the world, because people have heard about it. A Japanese girl requested to come and see me because she wanted to see this office. She had read about it in magazines. While she was here, she chatted to me for 10 minutes and took no photographs. Then, two weeks later, she sent an amazingly detailed drawing - done from memory after just ten minutes in my room.

George Baptista George Baptista: Developer

A Very Short Bio: Came to Japan from the SF and never left. Work stints at Fidelity Investments, Yamaichi Securities, Merrill Lynch, PDIC, Studio Omame. Web-related front-end and back-end development.

Studio Omame is a creative design studio, offering services in strategy, design and production. Since 1998, we have collaborated with a select group of clients:

  • Paul Smith
  • Adidas Japan
  • Sony Pictures Japan
  • Animax Broadcast Japan
  • TDK

Our strengths lie in analyzing the business needs of clients, exploring user scenarios and developing strategies that match our client's goals and help deliver a business advantage. We work in both the digital and print medium.


We are eclectic regarding technology. Ultimately, we are interested in technologies that scale both on the front and back-end. We currently invest our time in exploring Vue.js and Elixir.


George Baptista
Izumi Hiroshima

EMAIL: george@omame.com

LOCATION: Yuzawa-machi, Minami-Uonuma-Gun, Niigata 949-6103